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Preserving lesser-known family recipes through digitization

Mint Lounge | 08/02/2023

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The renaissance of India’s regional cuisines via community cookbooks

South First | 22/01/2023

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The Trio That’s Digitising India’s Culinary History

The Locavore | 0/12/2022

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Asian Diversity in DH Project

Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations’ (ADHO) Digital Humanities Conference 2022 | 28/04/2022

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The recipe collectors - The Food Chain

BBC World Service | 04/03/2022

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Review: Indian Community Cookbooks Project

Reviews in Digital Humanities | 18/01/2022

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Honoring past generations through culinary memories

Nikkei Asia | 11/08/2021

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A cookbook project by students is unearthing culinary gems from across India

Hindustan Times | 25/06/2021

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A repository of recipes

Deccan Herald | 13/06/2021

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These Indian students are helping preserve our lost recipes

Condé Nast Traveller | 17/05/2021

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Cook Your Way Through Regional Indian Recipes With This Online Archive

Atlas Obscura | 03/05/2021

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రుచుల రహస్యాన్ని పట్టేశారు!

(Taken the secret of flavours!) 

Eenadu (Telugu) | 04/05/2021


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Three students of Pune’s FLAME University are cookbook hunting so that people can understand and enjoy food better

The Indian Express | 15/04/2021

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Indian Community Cookbooks: Cultural Mapping of India’s Culinary History

Sahapedia | 01/2022

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The ‘Indian Community Cookbook Project’: An Archive of Indian Community Culinary Heritage

EPOCH | 31/05/2021

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